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Aisoy1 V5. Emotional and Magic.

We are profoundly passionate about technology, mainly robotics and AI. It is a force that is driven and inspired us from day one, since our childhood, when our fathers gifted us our first computer. So we also want to gift our children an amazing creativity learning experience. To encourage creative thinking in kids. To improve their ability for solving challenging problems. To bring their imagination to life. To inspire them to create new things and technology.

Because of that, we have created the new Aisoy1 V5, the magical and emotional robot.


Encourage creative thinking.

Imagine a theater play where Aisoy1 will be the star. Design and build the customs and stage. Develop the plot and script. Build the dialogue into the Aisoy1 and use emotions, movements, natural language and music for enriching the performance. Aisoy1 can be the storyteller, the main or secondary actor or whatever you want. Aisoy1 is even more fun with add ons you can build using papers, carton, cards or 3d printed objects. You can easily enrich the Aisoy1 experience using your mind and your hands.

Aisoy1's natural language capabilities also could be used into your creations and games for learning other languages! Good examples are word games as puzzles or quizzes.

Improve ability to solve challenging problems.

Science and Maths playing with Aisoy1 are easier to understand and learn. Enjoy solving challenging problems alone or with your team. Think about the alternatives, put in practice, evaluate the results and iterate to improve the solution. It is fun and very easy to code your Aisoy1 using Scratch tool by MIT.

You can use Aisoy1 to solve a maze using basic AI algorithms, to put in practice physical concepts as distance or speed, to learn maths playing games, to build simon game using belly's colours and mouth screen or explore artificial vision capabilities (face detection or QR codes detection).

Learn to code and bring your imagination to life.

Aisoy1 is made for kids as you from 7 to 99 with the main purpose to empower your imagination and bring it to life. It never was so easy and fun. Aisoy1 can be programmed with Scratch and Blockly. They are a drag-and-drop programming languages that snap together like puzzle pieces. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms using all Aisoy1 capabilities and add-ons to enrich them, among other languages as Python.

Aisoy1 V5 can be programmed to talk, think, see, feel when you touch it, moving and many other things you will discover.

Inspiring you. Inspired by you.

Aisoy1 V5, the emotional robot that helps kids to think creatively.


Aisoy1 V5

the emotional robot

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