Arobose is a new Official Distributor of Aisoy Products

March 28, 2013

Alicante, March 28th, 2013.

We are happy to announce that Arobose it has become an authorized reseller of the Aisoy products. “Aisoy products complete our offer in social robotics with affordable robots and technology for everyone,” said Frank Anjeaux, CEO of @Robose. “Aisoy offers a broad set of easy and powerful programming tools and APIs that enable users integrate Aisoy technology with other robotic technologies”. Aisoy products brings simple, powerful personal robotics to make our lives more fun and easy. With AIDIA, anyone can ‘draw’ artificial intelligence and apply on Aisoy’s social robots. Aisoy products can be combined with other robotics technologies based on ROS by Willow Garage”. And now, Aisoy products have a Raspberry Pi inside, so users can open themselves to a bigger community. Aisoy would like to sincerely thank our friend Frank Anjeaux, who has been teaching our dear Aisoy1 to speak in the Jules Verne’s language.


Arobose ( is a French online shop dedicated to Robot and Robotic part. The company is to propose mechanic, electronic kits and parts, robots and drones with a real intention of price optimization. The aim is to open Robotic World to everyone: Robotics is a big ramp-up phase and Arobose wants to give the opportunity to participate to this amazing adventure to everyone who wants to create and design his own Robot. In this web shop you can find products from the well-known Robotic and Electronic manufacturers such as Arduino, Parallax, Sparkfun, DFrobot, DAGU,... and of course a strong partnership with AISOY.


At Aisoy we want to improve the way we relate to the digital world. We want to make it more natural and accessible to everyone. We want to do things as we dreamed. The time is now. We are starting a revolution fueled by our dreams. We are building personal robots that make our lives fun and easy.

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