Introducing Aisoy Blockly

October 02, 2014

People know the robots' magic. And many would like to put their hands in any and have a fun time coding it. But they don't do many times because it needs to have knowledge about any professional programming language or complex tools. In other words, it takes time to learn how to do things with most of the robots in the market. So, only advanced users take advantage of that. We are very excited to introduce Aisoy Blockly, our new visual programming tool for Aisoy1. Aisoy Blockly is for all people (mainly kids) that don't have enough programming knowledge but they would like to introduce themselves into robotics quickly. With Aisoy Blockly, all main features of Aisoy1 are available for using in your programs.

How to get it

Aisoy Blockly is free. Currently is in beta and it is available in the last experimental version released Airos 3.2. You need to update to that version. Aisoy Blockly comes with the main features to code Aisoy1: head, eyes, mouth, sounds, heart, touch, emotions and natural language (right now there are English and Spanish available).

How it works

Aisoy Blockly can be used with any Aisoy1 updated to Airos 3.2. And you can use several Aisoy1 in the same programe! So, you can create millions of programs and ideas. In only 3 steps (it takes you about 5 min) you can have your first Aisoy1 program:
  • Step 1. Connect to Aisoy1 from your browser (you need to get Aisoy1 and your computer in the same Wifi Network).
  • Step 2. Include your Aisoy1 into your program.
  • Step 3. Enjoy coding your Aisoy1. It is easy!

For all kind of users

Aisoy Blockly is similar to Scracth by MIT so novel users don't have any problem using it. Advanced users can find their way around the feature to run complex programs, developed in other languages as Python inside your Aisoy Blockly program. No extra effort to include that pieces of code! The possibilities are limitless!   Check out Aisoy Blockly and discuss on our forum.  

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