Aisoy releases Aisoy1 Scratch 2.0 extension (online version)

October 27, 2014

  Aisoy1 Scratch 2.0 Exciting news educators – Aisoy1 Scratch 2.0 extension is now available! We would like to seeing what you and your students can do with it. New to Scratch? Scratch is a free platform, created out of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, that is an easy to use, visual way to program stories, games and animations. It helps children “think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.” To learn more, check out the Scratch website. With the Aisoy1 Scratch 2.0 extension, you can connect Scratch software with Aisoy1 robot and coding it, adding yet another layer of sophistication to your programming lessons and robotic experiments. Aisoy1 Scratch 2.0 extension comes with the main features to code Aisoy1 or several ones ;-) in the same program: head, eyes, mouth, sounds, heart, touch, emotions and natural language (right now there are English and Spanish available, very soon Catalonian and French). So, you can create millions of programs and ideas. It is for all kind of users.

How it works

In only 3 steps (it takes you about 5 min) you can have your first Aisoy1 program: Step 1. Connect to Aisoy1 from your browser (you need to get Aisoy1 and your computer in the same Wifi Network). Step 2. Include your Aisoy1 into your program. Step 3. Enjoy coding your Aisoy1. It is easy!

How to get it

Please, ask us for that at You can see more info here:

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