Airos 4.1 and Scratch Template 1.1 Updates Available

February 11, 2015

What's new in Airos 4.1 and Scratch Template 1.1

IMPORTANT: Airos 4.1 update requires to update Scratch Template to 1.1 version to work fine together. This update contains new functionalities, stability improvements and bug fixes. Some of them are:
  • Mouth drawing from the Scratch palette now available. It is also possible to send pictures/photos to the mouth
  • New feature to send the user’s own sound files and recordings from Scratch
  • Servo-motors code improved
  • Boot process speeded up and improved the feedback showed on the mouth
  • ASR accuracy and false positive rate improved
  • Time spent when changing colors on the heart more accurate.
  • Kernel version updated to 3.18.5+. Wifi dongle drivers updated due to a new release of the kernel version.
  • Accelerometer data more accurate. Now it is possible to know Aisoy1 position to be used in scratch: standup, facedown, left, right, forward and backward.
  • Male and female voices available to all languages from Scratch.
  • Say one of the list block on Scratch fixed to use without “.” at the end. Put phrases with “ “ like set grammar block.
  • When finish booting, it shows all ip address existing, wlan and ethernet.
  • All servos get to its initial and final position when booting and shutting down.
  • Bug fixed when Aisoy1 was speaking and immediately after print or draw in the mouth.
  • If language is changed in botserver, it says hello and goodbye in that language. English and Spanish supported.
  • Improved feedback when Aisoy is listening and has recognized or not something. Use of Heart color to show this info: red meanings Aisoy1 doesn't understand and green meanings that Aisoy1 understands user has said.
  • ASR and TTS now work properly together: The robot doesn't listen to himself when talking.
  • ASR bugs fixed: it supports words with accents, and specific spanish symbols.
  • TTS bug fixed: TTS resources are freed correctly when not using it for a long time.
You can update to this version connecting to the Aisoy1 Botserver and following the instructions. Scratch Template is available at our Aisoy Store to download for free.

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