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July 09, 2015

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FRIDAY 23 OCT 2015







Submission Deadline: 31 July 2015

Notification of Acceptance: 15 August 2015

Camera Ready: 1 September 2015

Workshop: 23 October 2015






Assistive technology helps out to reduce healthcare system inefficiencies. These devices are likely to be introduced in many healthcare facilities very soon because they are low-cost oriented, work steadily 24/7, reduce the workload of caregivers, and some of them can be incorporated in the therapy of patients. Nonetheless, appropriate and specific legal regulations regarding assistive robots are missing. 


Furthermore, several multi-faceted problems need to be carefully considered: from technical issues, e.g. cloud robotics, security, autonomy; to legal problems, e.g. privacy, new entities, regulation of replacement of organs by robotic devices; to ethical issues, e.g. acceptance, the creation of super-humans, etc. 


Despite the recent advances, monodisciplinary researches failed in coping with robots’ pluridisciplinarity. There is still a long way ahead and further interdisciplinary research is needed to overcome such problems.






The workshop is directed at motivated and open-minded researchers working on robotics from different fields of expertise. Whether participants are in leading universities or in very small research groups; whether attendants are Ph.D. students or professors; whether they are in the private sector or in a public hospital; as long as they have interests in and concerns about robotics, they are all more than welcomed.


Different communities are asked to identify new problems, challenges or risks in a concrete field of robotics (in personal care, therapeutic and companion robots). This identification and examination will promote discussion either within the same community of experts, or with other communities. Privacy concerns, for instance, are highly important to the legal community; however privacy issues do not seem relevant to roboticists. Actually, the HRI community perceives privacy in a different way: it is more related to the invasion of personal/private space caused by robots, and it is something proxemics is addressing already. Another example is the psychosocial problem that loneliness and age-related depression is causing to elderly. A technology capable of socially connect elderly people to the world could help them reduce this problem.


For that reason, the following communities are kindly invited to participate:

  1. Legal background: Philosophers, Judges, Lawyers, Academia, etc.
  2. Human-Robot Interaction: Psychologists, Sociologists, Anthropologists, Cognitive Science Engineers, etc.
  3. Social Robotics: Engineers, Care Professionals, Practitioners, etc.
  4. Others: Bioethicists, eco-Friendly Professionals, Communication and Audiovisual Media, etc.






Submitted abstracts should be two pages pdf files following the template below. You can direct questions to /


MSWemplate extended abstracts

If you want to use Latex, you can you the IEEE conference template that you can find here. Please submit as pdf file.


For  submission we use EasyChair. Before you can actually submit, you have to make an EasyChair account, unless of course you already have one.






Eduard Fosch Villaronga ( /, Università di Bologna, Italy. IDT-UAB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.

Jordi Albó Canals (, Tufts University, CEEO, Massachusetts, US.

Mohamed Bouri (, École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne, EPFL, Switzerland.

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