Aisoy welcomes North American Learning Robots, our new official distributor in the US.

March 06, 2017

North American Learning Robotics is now the exclusive official distributor of Aisoy products in the US.

Aisoy, is a Spanish manufacturer of emotional educational robots which favor creativity and the development of multiple intelligences in a personalized way is ready to conquer the American market.

Alicante, Spain, March 3, 2017. Today is a great day for the Aisoy Robotics family. We are pleased to inform you that Aisoy Robotics has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with North American Learning Robotics (NALR) for the sale and distribution of all Aisoy products in the USA.
Aisoy's emotional robots offer a modern, educational, leisure experience that promotes the development of creativity and new abilities. These social robots are transforming the way children learn through play while improving their quality of life. The robots generate an emotional bond with the child based upon emotions and customized behaviors.

Lisa Armstrong, CEO of NALR, explains that Aisoy products are very sophisticated robots at an incredibly affordable price. They allow you to learn through play, but also offer visual tools to learn how to program and develop problem-solving skills in a much simpler and more effective way than other platforms. Finally, she adds that they are, in fact, the only social robot choice for children with special needs that most parents can afford.

This agreement is especially relevant for Aisoy Robotics because in the words of José Manuel del Río, CEO of Aisoy Robotics, it is our international leap outside of the EU and in a market as big, competitive and attractive as USA. Our robots offer emotional capabilities that no other consumer robot offers and at affordable prices for everyone. Our goal is for emotional robotics to be effective and reach most children, not just elites.
NALR will develop consumer, educational and special needs markets such as children with autism where the Aisoy robots have already demonstrated a strong potential for added value and improved quality of life for these children and their families. The numbers of people with autism is growing exponentially, however, there are not enough tools to help this group or its therapists. Aisoy Robotics and NALR are committed to helping individuals and families dealing with autism as well as others with special needs by developing specific robotic programs or apps tailored to their unique learning requirements.

About North American Learning Robotics (NALR) 

The NALR mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of all people through social robotics by facilitating the importation, distribution and sale of the Aisoy robots and accessories.

About Aisoy Robotics

AISOY Robotics is a pioneer in emotional robotics and artificial intelligence. It is defining the future of the game, education and quality of life. Aisoy creates emotional entertainment robots that are changing the way people play, learn, discover, enjoy while improving their quality of day to day life.

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