Scratch game for Aisoy1: Mixing colors

Scratch game for Aisoy1: Mixing colors

June 16, 2016

Children under 6 years old (k-6) will have fun time with science and Aisoy1 learning colors and how they mix. You only need an Aisoy1 robot and Scratch Offline.

Scratch Program for robot Aisoy1: mixing colors



To know what colour is the result after mixing two basic colors. Aisoy1 will tell you two random colors and will show on its belly each one. Then it will ask you what is the correct answer. That process will be repeated five times. At the end, Aisoy1 will summarise your score.

The more successes you have, the happier he will be.

How to play

Step 1: Requirements

Before playing, you need to open Airos Manager application and Scratch Offline. Then open the game on Scratch. Enter the Aisoy1 IP address on the "connect" block.

Check that Aisoy1 is correctly connected to Airos Manager application.

Paso 2: The beginning

Click on green flag and heard the instructions.

Paso 3: The play

Aisoy1 will tell you two random colors. Each colour will be shown on its belly and on the mouth screen.

Think about what is the color as result of mixing the 2 colours given. You have 15 seconds to tell Aisoy1 your answer. Tell only the name of the color you think is the correct answer. For better experience, see on the code the possible list of colors.

If you say the correct color or time goes by, Aisoy1 will tell you if your answer is ok or not. 

Aisoy1 will ask 5 times. After that, it will summarise your score.


Aisoy1: What color is the result of mixing Red and Yellow?

User: Orange

Aisoy1: (play a sound) Answer is ok.

Would you like to improve the code?

This game is very easy and simple. You can improve it with any of the ideas below:

  1. Add more colors to each combination
  2. Add more colors for mixing
  3. Add a timer and try to improve your own record or challenge your friends. 


Download the code for free.

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