Airos 5

Airos 5

The optimised Aisoy1's OS

Airos 5 is the OS that manages each Aisoy1 robot. Airos 5, built on top of ROS, refines the user experience and improves the performance of previous versions.


New Airos 5

What's new


Airos 5 has been optimised with a lot improvements which provide more stability to all things you can do with your Aisoy1. Because there are many Aisoy1 V4 robot users, Airos 5 includes a layer for giving their robots the neccesary compatibility for using that new version. In such a way, users may update their robots to enjoy them longer.


ScratchX and Scratch Offline Desktop

Scratch has now several environments: Scratch Online, ScratchX, Scratch Offline Desktop and Scratch Jr for tablets. Only ScratchX and Scratch Offline Desktop are open to third part extensions e.g. Aisoy. Arios 5 is compatible with current versions of those environments. More info about them on


Wifi Services

A new Wifi service manager provides you an easy and more robust way to configure wifi networks using the Airos Manager app. Main standard security protocols are supported now.


Touch control buttons

Airos 5 can manage touch sensors as buttons. It is very useful for giving your Aisoy1 robots control instructions as e.g. to show IP address or battery level on the mouth.

Airos 5

What is Airos?

Airos is the OS that manages each Aisoy1 robot. It is built on the features of Raspbian distribution and ROS by Willow Garage. There are several things that make Airos different: open connectivity, it makes easy to code an emotional robot, it has a free app for managing your robots and provides the capability to plug accessories such as a Botmobile.


Open connectivity

Airos could use Ethernet or Wifi networks to connect with other technologies as computers, robots or sensors. It provides your Aisoy robots many possibilities to enrich the experience using all these technologies together. Your gateway to the Internet of Things.


Coding a robot made easy

Many people are involved in teaching and learning to code. They need simple tools for that purpose. Airos combined with an Aisoy1 robot is an amazing tool for all those people. Not only is easy to learn coding, but also it is a lot of fun taking advantage of their social robot features.

Airos Manager

Airos Manager for managing your Aisoy1

With Airos Manager, you can easily see internal information of your Aisoy1 robot, setting up wifi networks, change the name of your robot, update Airos software, register your robot, change the language or turn up/down the volumen of the speaker.



Botmobile is the first accessory for the Aisoy1 robot (only available in Aisoy1 V5C model). It uses the expansion slot (GPIO, I2C) for adding new capabilities to those robots. Airos architecture makes really easy to built services for new accessories. And, with Airos SDK, you can connect yours and develop the necessary services for use them!


Airos 5 for Aisoy1 V4 too!

We have made our best to provide Aisoy1 V4 Users the possibility to update to Airos 5. No every capabilities, of course, due to the hardware differences between Aisoy1 V4 and Aisoy1 V5 versions. But the main are present. See that doc to know how to update.



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