Aisoy1 V5C

Aisoy1 in motion.

Aisoy1 V5C is the same very affordable programmable social robot, but on wheels! Same features enriched with movement provided by Botmobile: the new car for Aisoy1.


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Aisoy1 V5C playing with kids







Exploring the world around you.

Botmobile is the new car for Aisoy1 V5. It provides you with new exciting possibilities to explore new physical concepts as distance or speed. Backward, forward, turn left or turn right are the key elements to move your Aisoy1 around you, to make a dancing performance or to implement an AI algorithm for solving a maze. Use the Scratch Blocks included in Aisoy Scratch Template for coding the Botmobile in the same easy way as you code your Aisoy1. Transform your Aisoy1 into an explorer!







More power than ever before.

Aisoy1 V5C is the most powerful Aisoy1 that we have ever created. New Raspberry Pi 2 and Airos 5 are inside. We have optimised Airos to get full advantage of RPI and Botmobile. The results is that all processes and services are more than about 6 times faster. Changing language takes less than a second. More exciting language learning apps are now possible as e.g. Q/A games. Collect information from all sensors, process it and react in milliseconds take Aisoy1 V5C and your experience with it to a new level.  






Yes, a battery inside!

Many users ask us for a battery inside Aisoy1. We have heard them and, since now, each Aisoy1 includes a battery which gives it up 2 hours of autonomy under normal use conditions including Botmobile! Think all things you can create in that time without taking care about power! A robotic theatre play, an explore adventure in your living room, a race with other Aisoy1 or more peaceful game as Simon Says. Exciting new possibilities are waiting for your. You want Aisoy1 with a battery. You get it. Its your turn.






 Talking to technology

Aisoy1 V5C makes easier to introduce you into Internet of Things, but also into Internet of Affective Things. You can plug other physical sensors to Aisoy1 adding these capabilities to it or connect your Aisoy1 through wifi with remote sensors or cloud services. You will need to code how to collect this info, how to process and how Aisoy1 should react. You can use our SDK to introduce by yourself into that amazing world. A simple 'well done' said by an Aisoy1 could be the best reinforce for a kid that turn off lights for saving energy! 



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Girls coding

Technical Specifications


Weight and Dimensions
Height: 223 mm. 
Width: 163 mm.
Depth: 165 mm.
Weight: 1 Kg approx.

Single Board Computer
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B: A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB RAM.
SD Card 8Gb.


Wifi Dongle nano USB 802.11n 150Mbps.

Sensors & Servos
Accelerometer: MMA7660FCR1.
Touch sensor: 5.
Four mini servos (neck horizontal and vertical, eyelids and eyebrows).




Screen OLED 128×64.
Based on the controller: SSD1306.

Camera & Audio
Video: 3 Mpx.
Audio Built-in Speaker. Frequency: 20Hz – 20.000Hz.
External audio jack to connect Aisoy1 to Speakers.

External Buttons, Connectors and Leds.
Button: 1 on/off/reset.
Led RGB: 1.
Status Led: 2.
HDMI connector.
USB connector: 3.
Ethernet connector.
Possibility of expansion connectors I2C and GPIO to interface with other accessories.

Transformer 12V 5A.
Rechargeable battery.

Mini metal gearmotors: 2
Encoders: 2
3D printed Chassis
Ball caster 

Airos1 v5 OS. Includes:
ASR Pocketsphinx & TTS Festival.





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