Are you a passionate about AI and Robots?





Is creating amazing robots your dream?


Do you like Artificial Intelligence? Do you like playing with robots? Do you want to work in a fun office with passionate and high skilled people?

If you can answer any of these questions in the affirmative, then working at Aisoy might be in your future. At Aisoy we make robots for making our live more fun and easier. We’re a driven, committed bunch of people. Making the best product possible is what we live for.

You’ll notice after the first minute you walk in the door. We also enjoy our time after work having a beer or a cup of wine together! If you have big ideas, this is the place to make them happen. Check out the opportunities below to help us to build a better future.

Work with very skilled people.

We’re a team of engineers and scientists, from programmers to industrial designers to mathematicians, creating next-generation social robotics technology from the ground up.

Be free to explore.

You’ll have the latest robotic prototypes and the tools and components to build anything you need. You'll have access to hardware labs full of robots and 3D printer. You’ll have the freedom to explore and attack the infinitely large set of challenges ahead of us in areas as emotional software, human-computer interaction, or computer vision.




Aisoy is a pretty sweet place to work.




We’re headquartered in Elche in lovely Southern Alicante a few kilometers from the beach, Tabarca island and Alicante city.

On average, the area enjoys 325 sunny days a year and more than 20ºC.

You will enjoy so much with our local culture and gastronomy.





Career Advice

A message from Aisoy

We receive lots of letters asking for advice on how to get a job in the robotics industry from students in all levels of school to folks. Here’s what I’ve found to be most beneficial for someone who wants to pursue a career in making robots. Get a well-rounded education. The best robot designers don’t just study math and computer science, but also focus on psychology, literature, science, and other subjects that inspire their imagination. The robots we’ve made have been on subjects that have interested us. It’s very important to have strong technical skills, but it’s also important to be able to come up with cool and interesting ideas. Have a passion for playing with robotics technology and games. Lots of people play with robots, but having a passion for robots means understanding them more deeply. What makes a particular robot fun? Why do you like the robot you interact over and over? What keeps a good robot from being a great robot? Play discovering technology and all kinds of games - boardgames, card games, and video games - and play them often. But make sure to do your homework first! Start creating your own small robots. It shows that you can take an idea through to execution. Even an unfinished prototype can be an impressive demonstration of your ability as a robot designer or developer. You could even team up with friends who have unique skills to create a robot. If you are a programmer, find an artist and designer to work with you - robots today are made by teams of people, so this approach offers a great learning opportunity too. It could be useful a 3d printer for your prototypes. We're sure you have one very close to you! Take advantage of internships. An internship in a robot company is a great way to see first hand how robots are made. It’s a way to get your foot in the door of a company and will give you hands-on experience in the business. Good luck!

 The Aisoy Team

Open Positions.

We do not have any open positions at the moment. However, our doors are always open to committed people like you. So you can send us your CV to: info @ aisoy dot com.