Aisoy Robotics

Imagine. Discover. Create. Fun.






We are creating social robots to bring them into our everyday lives. Smart personal robots for making our life more fun and easier.

Aisoy is building revolutionary emotional robots for making our lives more fun and easier. Aisoy1 is the first one. It is friendly, helpful, intelligent and connected. Aisoy1 enhances creativity through discovery, adding a new class of social robotic platform for innovative educational concepts.

Our motivation: Imagine, discover, create and fun.

We are passionate about computers and technology because our fathers gave us an computer (Amstrad, MSX, Spectrum,…) when we were young. We spent a lot of hours enjoying those magical devices. We learnt so much doing amazing things like “drawing a line in a green monitor” ;-). We have developed our passion professionally because of that (and, maybe, because of science fiction literature and movies). We would like to give children a similar amazing learning experience (updated to nowadays) and we think that the best way is to offer something new, special and magical. Artificial intelligence and robotics joined together can provide this: a more realistic, tangible, direct, immersive and fun educational experience. We would like to empower kids to explore and stimulate their creativity.

Education needs to adapt to current times and prepare our kids for the future, not giving the answers but promoting an attitude based on “learning to learn” and discovering how things work. Learning to enjoy to investigate, analyze, build, establish a hypothesis, experiment, discover, collaborate, share and communicate. To be successful means to answer to the following kids’ needs:

Kids need to touch, play and experiment with real things (not only multimedia things) by themselves
Kids need something new that surprises and engages them – something magical
Kids need a personal strategy with things going at their own speed because of different levels and types of intelligence in the classroom as well as at home

Current technologies (electronic boards, computers, tablets, electromechanical robot kits) do not fully fulfill those needs. Instead, Aisoy Social robots are real and magic, because they are interactive robots! In this day and age, a social robot has the power to engage like never before. And ours robots are the perfect way to adapt to every kid because they are emotional.