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Please, visit the following links for seeing the User Manual related to:

Aisoy1 V5 User Manual (updated)

Aisoy1 V4 User Manual

Get Airos 5 (for Aisoy1 V4 Users)

Airos Manager

Download the latest version of Airos Manager.

See how to set up Aisoy1 V5 wifi network:


First Program - Hello Aisoy1

Do you have an Aisoy1 and you don't know how to code it? Do you know how to code the sensors and actuators included in his body? Although it is very easy, we know that you may need a little help. Therefore, we have develop the following examples which will help you to understand better your Aisoy1 and how to code him.

There is an example for each one of the following components:

  • Botmobile
  • Camera
  • Natural Language
  • Sensors
  • Servos

Download all the files for ScratchX and Scratch offline platforms.

For other technical information or requesting help from our technical support, please go here.

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