Aisoy1 KiK

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Aisoy1 KiK is much more than the next Aisoy1 generation. It is our vision of a social robot for the education of today’s modern children. It is a more personalized education which develops our multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is emotional, different, unique, fun and educational. Now, it has taken on a life of its own with a captivating personality. Its mission is to help you have fun, surprise you, play, chat about different topics and stimulate the development of your creativity and multiple intelligences. Aisoy1 is not just a robot. Now it is your colleague and friend.

There are two Aisoy1 KiK models:

  • Model A. Provides 2h of autonomy. 8Gb SD card of storage.
  • Model E. Provides 4h of autonomy. 16Gb SD card of storage.

What's in the Box

1 Aisoy1 KiK

1 AC/DC Adapter

1 Quick guide